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Contents page for Steve Draper's web pages

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(learning and teaching) resource pages for students and staff + CRs

This is the contents page for my web site: that is, like the contents pages of a book, this is a manually constructed list of the documents, each described by a short title, and structured in the way I imagine most useful to me and to you. Besides using the grouping structure below, you can directly search for a key word or string in the title of a web page using the Find command of your browser on this page.

A somewhat different, and probably less useful, structure is represented by the file and directory structure and names; this is given in an alternative index page. You can look at which pages are new or have changed recently on the changes page. To search the full text of all pages, use the search engine, which also subsumes the function of the index in a book (which is a manually chosen subset of keywords).

Summary contents of the website (expanded below)

Miscellaneous about me / this site

Teaching & learning

(Here is a complete but unformatted list of pages for courses I teach / have taught.)
(Here is a pointer to all my learning and teaching resources pages)
Highlights for students

Pointers to research grants / groups

Miscellaneous: things not fitting other headings

  • Phil Agre
  • A remarkable animated film by Calum Mcaulay conveying what having proposagnosia (not being able to recognise faces) might be like
  • Midge's thesis on differences in designers' interactions with their media

    Talks (past and future)

    Some of the things I have written recently

    More recent documents are listed first. All of these are readable on screen (i.e. are in html). Some begin with links to downloadable printable versions.

    Education research related

    (More recent documents are listed first.)

  • Reports on MOOCs
  • What if feedback only counted if the learner used it?
  • Achieving transformational or sustainable educational change Draper & Nicol (2013)
  • Hanscomb's virtues. (Students' approaches to assignments)
  • Applying Dweck: "Manipulating Mindset to Positively Influence Introductory Programming Performance" doi:10.1145/1734263.1734409
  • A blueprint for transformational organisational change in higher education: REAP as a case study
  • What are learners actually regulating when given feedback? (published in BJET)
  • Catalytic assessment (published in BJET)
  • Learning and Community (published in LICK proceedings)
  • Student generated podcasts (published in LICK proceedings)
  • Pattern languages (for representing learning designs)
  • Overview, with pointers, of my views and concepts on educational evaluation (An unpublished paper on educational evaluation methodology.)
  • Including the quantitative: Experiment, surprise seeking, theory (An unpublished paper on educational evaluation methodology.)
  • Draper, S.W. & Maguire,J. (2007) "Exploring podcasting as part of campus-based teaching" Practice and Evidence of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education vol.2 no.1 pp.42-63
  • Draper, S.W. & Cutts,Q. (2006) "Targeted remediation for a computer programming course using student facilitators" Practice and Evidence of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education" vol.1 no.2 pp.117-128
  • The learning pyramid
  • Understanding the prospects for Transformation
  • Transformation in e-learning
  • Narrative pedagogy
  • Sets of N best principles, ideas
  • Three teaching innovations
  • Increasing interactivity in lectures using an electronic voting system An overview of first 2 years of handsets at Glasgow in PDF
  • Using an electronic voting system in logic lectures pdf file
  • Overview paper on Grumps for educational technologists
  • Quantity, quality, and accounting: a response, for publication in ALT-J, to a paper on cost benefit analysis in HE ICT projects.
  • Some local educational research projects
  • Notes on Randy Swing's ideas on supporting level 1 students
  • Notes on PAL: peer assisted learning
  • Notes on Tinto's model of student retention/dropout
  • The Hawthorne, Pygmalion, placebo and other expectancy effects: some notes
  • Classroom handsets: short introduction
  • Classroom handsets: Electronically enhanced classroom interaction
  • Why show learners the objectives?
  • Notes on a workshop on new technology and education
  • ICT data logging for education [notes]
  • Research approaches for learning and teaching [notes]
  • Learning styles [notes]
  • Strategic decisions for public health education
  • Supporting prospective CAL deliverers: ALTC99 talk on educational re-use
  • Reading list for Situativity theories
  • Models for cross-HEI collaborative teaching [abstract]
  • Notes on design and theory [notes]
  • Need teachers know their stuff? [short note]
  • Innovation and quality [short note]
  • A paper on reciprocal collaborative teaching in MANTCHI
  • Overall report on evaluation in MANTCHI [draft paper]
  • Cost benefit analysis on the MANTCHI approach to collaborative teaching [draft paper]
  • A list of more documents on MANTCHI
  • I don't have a full paper on LBO (Learning By Onlooking cf. vicarious learning cf. lurking) yet, but here are 4 chunks: 1, 2, 3, 4; plus the next document:
  • Lurking and learning [notes]
  • Vocabulary as a barrier to learning [short note]
  • Cost benefits and accountability for CAL [short note]
  • CSCW for education: pre-circulated document for a workshop at ECSCW'97
  • Scenarios for using an Answer Garden
  • The relationship of the Perry, deep&shallow, and Laurillard models [notes]
  • Learner confidence [notes]
  • Constructivism and instructional design [notes]
  • The concept of "mathemagenic activities" [notes]
  • Feedback in learning [notes]
  • The concept of "reflection" [notes]
  • Niche based success in CAL [a paper]
  • Learning management: to be added to theories of the learning and teaching process. [A paper for itforum]
  • Report on CAL97 conference
  • The prospects for summative evaluation
  • Report on an ELTHE evaluation workshop run Sept 1996
  • Interactivity and content in multimedia CAL (a piece written as part of an email discussion)
  • Evaluating CAL in HE (an introductory overview)
  • Integrative evaluation (a paper on our method of evaluation)
  • Resource questionnaires (a paper on a useful instrument)
  • Laurillard's diagram of 12 activities for teaching and learning
  • A diagram of the causal factors affecting learning in education

  • Draper, S.W. (1992) "Activity theory: the new direction for HCI?" in International Journal of Man-Machine Studies vol.37 no.6 pp.812-821 doi:10.1016/0020-7373(92)90070-2

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