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Educational evaluation

This is an overview of my views on how to do educational evaluation, with lots of pointers.

I finished a paper (6,500 words) in 2008 that still expresses most of my overall methodological views in this area: "Including the quantitative: Experiment, surprise seeking, theory".

The 3 types of evidence

The 4 purposes.

Cost as well as quality

ResQuaire: and how it gets round some issues.

Capstick's tactic for getting round self-selecting

Bloom, effect size

Evaluation in different areas

IR eval

Older educ. eval

ILIG eval

What I used to say about Getting started on educational evaluation

I have a bunch of stuff, and a standard "starting list" on my web page, duplicated here: Try these:
  • Evaluating CAL in HE (an introductory overview)
  • Integrative evaluation (a paper on our method of evaluation)
  • Evaluation cookbook

    Now you could look at the lists of links in the next subsection, or at more of my own papers.

    More pointers from other people

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