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= HE and Piaget
= CCSE reading group topics, linked to CCSE research projects

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

This directory is intended for pages to do with education theory and practice, but not "localed" which deals with HE interventions.

In particular, it is about pages related to CCSE; schools; Piaget theory.

Possibly, also about some other overall education issues e.g. GLAs (apprenticeship degrees); the special nature of HE (extremely rapid learning of well-understood subjects); ...

Keynote talk on "Reflections on Computing Education Research"

A page about this key note (complete with references, notes, a recording of the talk, the printed version).

Linked ring of topics arising out of the CCSE reading group

Around October 2017 - July 2018, CCSE members are / have been interested in a number of topics that arise out of their current research. In this ring of web pages (authored by me) I link these research topics to ideas, and try to show the overlap amongst the topics, but also try to bring out how you see each topic a little differently if you make it the centre of interest as opposed to just being a side-issue to your own main focus.

  1. Adey&Shayer's Cognitive Acceleration (CASE) work
  2. Papert's gear wheels
  3. Early informal learning possibly related to success at learning HE subjects
  4. Spatial skills / aptitude possibly related to success at learning STEM subjects
  5. School curricula for HE disciplines
  6. Related methodological issues for educational research
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Linked ring of topics arising out of the CCSE reading group

Other topics which I have been associated with, and were the subject of a CCSE reading group session are:

  1. Fail/succeed
  2. Play, ethics, morality
  3. Active learning
  4. Pure programming teaching – and Dijkstra's paper on this

CCSE: Centre for Computing Science Education

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