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Course codes for psychology

by Steve Draper, foreign student liaison for the Psychology department.

This page is my own records of courses and course codes, plus notes on unusual ones. It used to be important for visiting students, but nowadays the main University course catalogue is probably better.

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Semester Level Credits old Code new Code Title
Semester1 Level3 10 98EZ psych-4002 Cognitive psychology level 3
Semester2 Level3 10 86KS psych-4003 Conceptual and historical issues in psychology
Semester1 Level3 10 92VK psych-4006 Human development level 3
Semester2 Level3 10 90DM psych-4039 Individual differences
Semester1 Level3 10 91JD psych-4008 Perception and visual cognition level 3
Semester1 Level3 10 98PN psych-4011 Professional skills level 3
Semester2 Level3 10 98PK psych-4065 (psych-4009) Physiological psychology level 3
Semester2 Level3 10 98EB psych-4036 Social psychology level 3
Semester1 Level3 10 98NZ psych-4037 Statistics level 3
Semester1,2 Level3 10 40AA psych-4056 Critical Review
Semester1,2 Level3 10 40AA psych-4057,8 Miniprojects for home students
Semester1,2 Level3 10 40AA psych-4054,5 Miniprojects for visiting students
Semester2.2 Level4 10 86JT psych-4013 [not running] Adolescent brain development
Semester1.1 Level4 10 85HN psych-4050 Advanced qualitative methods
Semester1.1 Level4 10 85HP psych-4051 Atypical Development
Semester2.1 Level4 10 86JB psych-4014 Autism spectrum disorders
Semester1.1 Level4 10 86JC psych-4015 [not running] Basics of joint attention
Semester2 Level4 10 86JD - [not running] Brain oscillations in action
Semester2 Level4 10 86JU - [not running] Child abuse
Semester1.2 Level4 10 86JW psych-4018 Cognitive neuroscience insights - plasticity
Semester1.2 Level4 10 86JX psych-4019 Cognitive neuroscience of ageing
Semester1 Level4 10 86JY - [not running] Cognitive neuroscience of executive processing
Semester2 Level4 10 86JZ - [not running] Colour
Semester2.2 Level4 10 86JE psych-4022 Concepts and empirical results in education
Semester2.2 Level4 10 86KA psych-4023 fMRI in biopsychology
Semester2.1 Level4 10 86JF psych-4024 Forensic psychology
Semester2 Level4 10 86JG - [not running] Hearing by eye
Semester2 Level4 10 86KB - [not running] Human motion perception
Semester2.1 Level4 10 86JH psych-4027 Interaction and communication
Semester2.2 Level4 10 86JJ psych-4028 Language and meaning
Semester1.1 Level4 10 86JK psych-4029 Leadership
Semester2.2 Level4 10 86KC psych-4030 [not running] Networks of attention and working memory
Semester1.2 Level4 10 86JL psych-4031 [not running] Neuropsychological deficits
Semester2.1 Level4 10 86JM psych-4032 Positive psychology
Semester1.2 Level4 10 86JN psych-4033 Psychological interventions
Semester2.1 Level4 10 86JA psych-4034 Psychology of abnormality
Semester1.1 Level4 10 86JP psych-4035 [not running] Psychology of will
Semester1.2 Level4 10 86JQ psych-4040 Sleep and circadian timing
Semester1.1 Level4 10 86JR psych-4012 Social cognition
Semester1 Level4 10 86JS - [not running] Syntactic processing in language comprehension and production
Semester1 level4 20 88HZ artmed-4004 Consciousness
Semester2 Level4 10 86JR psych-4052 Educational psychology
Semester2 Level4 10 86JR psych-4053 Health psychology
Semester1 Level1 20 8ZTU psych-1001 Psychology 1
Semester2 Level1 20 8ZWU psych-1002 Psychology 1
Semester1 Level2 20 8ZXV psych-2010 Psychology 2 (higher)
Semester2 Level2 20 8ZYV psych-2011 Psychology 2 (higher)
Semester1,2 Level3 120 206H - Psychology 3H (single)
- Level3 120 206H - Psychology 3H (single)
- Level3 90 206K - Psychology 3H (principal)
- Level3 60 206F - Psychology 3H (combined i.e. Joint)
- Level3 0 9QBW C804-2209 Psychological Studies 3 ("designated degree")
- Level4 120 206J - Psychology 4H (single)
- Level4 90 206L - Psychology 4H (principal)
- Level4 60 206G - Psychology 4H (combined i.e. Joint)
Semester1 Level3 30 NLLW psych-3003 Current issues in psychology [PS]
Semester1,2 Level3 30 NLMW psych-3004 * Group research project [PS]
- Level3 10 NLJW psych-3001 Career skills [PS]
- Level3 10 NLKW psych-3002 Cognitive [PS]
- Level3 10 NLPW psych-3005 CHIP .. [PS]
- Level3 10 NLNW psych-3006 Human Dev .. [PS]
- Level3 10 NLQW psych-3007 Idiffs .. [PS]
- Level3 10 NLRW psych-3008 Social .. [PS]
HR Level5 10 - psych-? Atypical Development
Level5 10 - psych-5034 Current issues in psychology [PGT]
- Level5 10 - psych-5027 Conceptual and historical issues in psychology [PGT]
- Level5 10 - psych-5028 Perception and visual cognition [PG conv.]
- Level5 10 - psych-5029 Physiological psychology [PG conv.]
- Level5 10 - psych-5033 Social psychology [PG conv.]
- Level5 10 - psych-5030 Professional skills [PG conv.]
- Level5 20 - psych-5031 Research methods I [PG conv.]
- Level5 20 - psych-5032 Research methods II [PG conv.]
- Level5 60 - educ-5839 Dissertation(PGT Conv)

Notes on early exit routes

If a student wishes to leave after year 3, having been admitted originally to the honours level 3 course, then the "early exit" route requires two components: a degree programme / plan for them to graduate from, and suitable course codes with credits to use.

For the first component, the programme, then the route is to have them graduate with something like:

  • "C804-2209 Bachelor of Science(Sci-DD) Psychological Stds,BSc(DD)".
  • "C000-0000? Master of Arts (SocSci) (?? Not Hons) ??,MA(DD)". K25? K2J?
    Such programmes are in place for Science and SocSci students.

    If they are in the Arts faculty / college, then they must transfer into Science. Currently this is not a problem; but in future we need to create an early exit programme to use for Arts students, as such transfers to Science will not be allowed (when stats1C is no longer taught).

    The second problem is about course codes and credits. There are two 60 credit codes:

    As we have moved to having many 10 credit courses in level 3, these AOS (Advanced Ordinary Special) codes are no longer useful for this.

    In future this will be fine, as we are moving to posting all 120 credits worth in level 3. However at the moment we have to make up a missing 30 credits based on coursework they have done, but not been examined on, in level 3. We can use PRACTICAL PAPER PSYCH4010 for this.

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