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Wikipedia / Quote

WikiPedia WikiQuote
I want to get wikiquote in here.
Need to get it better at searching the whole thing.  Full search or page search??
Sort out separate box use.
Then auto-copy from main box.
Then shortcut btn in top panel to wikiQ



E-journal names:

My JavaScript error messages: x


I don't know how to jump straight to satellite view in google maps.
(java?anchor? cookies?)

When I search my own pages, it often doesn't work right.
E.g. "senn" doesn't find the multiple occurrences of his name on "hawth.html".

UK sites only [uk /  non-USA / usa only]
limit search to uk sites:
cr=countryUK%7CcountryGB  cr='gb'  cr='-us' cr='us'

Colour bg for diff. hor. sections of this page??

Improve utube call, by getting their search options to be open on the page.
Try this by appending (writeln) java to their page.

Exam paper search (in library)
	multimap, google, bing, (postcode interface)
	Is there a way to "jump through lib. straight to a paper"?

youtube (?with wikiP?)

Univ. room finder

google goggles: take a pic (on my desktop?) and run query from it

How to get Firefox to mk  <tab>s jump between boxes.

Get it to remember my setting (of sitesearch; of text boxes?) across
refreshes?  Use cookies? but Firefox seems to do that quite well already.
	I.e. so when I use page again next day, it remembers last settings?
	Get browser to store cookies; (?document.cookie); and then java reads
	them again from browser? ?Only work if do page refresh to send cookies
	to server?

Another form of back-btn seen with site input box: shows old site correctly
but sends asdf or some rubbish after back-btn.

I can't copy across my search strings to prep. lib's boxes e.g. in
author+title searches.  It doesn't set them.

I'd like to set result ordering to reverse year; but if I do for all, then it
returns book-entries not author or title lists in those searches.
Could in JS set my form's hidden var.-value accordingly. But that woldn't
work, because I want to pre-set ordering but have it not affect results till
1) Ctrl console mods
11) Two kinds of console panel
	a) Alt. submit buttons vary or add one var
	b) Radio; one var, diff. values
	c) Checkboxes: add diff. vars but usualy only 1 val. per var.
	d) But cell-click on label mech. could be used to un/set several vars
2) Jump straight to a diff. search engine, tho' using main console
	e.g. staff search; ?wikiP? i.e. console ctrls not needed.
3) Sep section: but query box sucks starter text from main one.
	i.e.  (approx.) jump to diff. set of console controls
4) Could (or not) open new window for search; of diff. size perhaps; ...

5) Checkbox for film-review mode:
If checked then add words to box before continuing submit;
	This done by setting an onsubmit() for the form which tests checkbox,
	then calls the fn for adding the words.