Index list of my PHP tools for search, probing, or just tests.

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dotiny.php: dotiny.php
search.php: My search console
ltc.php: Demo
decode.php: Interactive page showing string de/coding in PHP
demoforms.php: demoforms.php
model.php: My great title
contacts.php: Toolbox for finding / viewing contact information
mystudents.php: My students
fun.php: fun.php
Base32.php: Base32.php
picindex3.php: Picture gallery
myteachtable.php: Search the menus of teaching timetable database
picindex4.php: picindex4.php
dirs.php: dirs.php
printtinto.php: Compilation of pages on Tinto, retention, dropout
print2.php: Inspect / reformat a remote page
printall.php: printall.php
ALL_TOOLS.php: Index list of my PHP tools for search, probing, or just tests.
tools.php: Index list of my PHP tools for search, probing, or just tests.
riofilter.php: Filter a unit's staff list
modelForms.php: Website map of $dir
motdindex.php: Steve Draper's MOTD
mkforeign.php: Process MyCampus listing of visiting students
postredirect.php: postredirect.php
imgloadtest.php: Test img url bugs
showredirect.php: Show the redirects a URL leads to
redirect.php: redirect.php
imgReferrer.php: imgReferrer.php
autorefresh.php: Auto-refresh for wtable tables
foreignfilter.php: foreignfilter.php
prweb.php: Print a remote website
q.php: q.php
tab.php: A feedback calendar
testforms.php: DOM
testjava.php: DOM
showget.php: Show URL query args
test.php: test.php
test3.php: test3.php
prCERE.php: Student CERE wikis 2010
teachweek.php: Present one week's dept. teaching in 2dim table
prwfr1.php: Writing project expositions
prwfr.php: Writing project expositions
prwfr2.php: Writing project expositions (method 2)
picindex2.php: Picture gallery of:
tableformat.php: Restructuring data table formats
csstest.html: csstest.html
pexp1.php: pexp1.php
ptest.php: ptest.php
qq.php: qq.php
find.php: Jump to a page AND a string in the page
prcompile.php: Feedback calendars
teachdb.php: Test of teaching database access
prwebHCP.php: Compilation of pages of HCP's portfolio
test1.php: test1.php
picindex.php: Picture gallery
ltcstaff.php: ltcstaff.php
head.php: head.php


search.php: My search console
redirect.php: redirect.php
mkforeign.php: Process MyCampus listing of visiting students
phpnames.php: phpnames.php