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Links about mindfulness MF in / near Glasgow University

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

Supporting a mindful death     This link to iplayer was available until about 22 February 2019.
The BBC programme is titled "we need to talk about death", and presented by a doctor, Kevin Fong, on palliative care for terminally ill people, and how different it is from mainstream aggressive medicine. "Mindfulness" is barely mentioned, but at the end I realised the overall aim is to support patients in having a mindful death: freedom from pain AND from feeling too ill from "treatments" to think AND from lacking the company of people with whom to discuss it and so work out their own view. Palliative care arranges for time in which patients can come to terms with death, and work on bringing closure to their relationships. It is more often than not, out-patient: allowing patients to live at home: mentally comfortable for them and a very common wish. It also gives them the company of others in the same situation (a classic benefit); plus staff trained to have conversations about death and what it means to each particular patient -- having the conversation (another classic benefit).

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