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Effects of third subjects on the student's experience

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

This page will hold information and results from an LTDF grant on what effect it has on students here at GU to take three subjects in their first year or two. The people involved are on this page.

The pilot

A pilot study was done as a level 3 psychology miniproject in Jan-March 2010.

  • Miniproject online questionnaire

    The LTDF study

    The project was led by Lorna Love.

  • Michael's prototype:

    Reports to come:

    Other links

  • THES article on applicants having trouble getting course information.
  • Bangor's website, recommended by the THES study (at least when it was tested: report published 19 Aug 2010).
  • UCAS personal statement link
  • Govt. way for students to compare subjects at HEIs

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