Joseph Black C407

This room is 1.5 stories above the ground entrance level (at turn of the stairs).

This room is a failed? precursor to the newer TEAL rooms, such as Wolfson seminar 2, meant for groups of 6 students each with their own local screen, ability to upload individuals' files; and to share their screen with everyone, or not.

It has 4 "stations" on the walls comparable to the shared tables and equipment in the newer ones. Here each station seems to be a large monitor; ability for the lecturer to display their screens locally to one or more wall screens; a local button as if the local screen could be displayed elsewhere by the students; and a pencil icon on the wall inside a wider wall area: as if you were meant to write on the walls; and a slot that may be an HDMI upload point. In 10 mins, I couldn't get any of this to work even though the equipment seemed turned on. There were 4 of these stations: meaning 12 students per station, rather than 6 or 8 per table in the newer ones.