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IOP project on PER influence

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

The final report should be on the FLIP project web site; the project website; and there's also a local copy here.

  • FLIP project web site     Project blog     Basecamp shared documents site

  • Edinburgh PER group
  • PER central (Physics Education Research organisation in the USA)
  • Henderson's home page
  • ICPE conference Aug 2013 Prague
  • Science, Technology & Innovation Studies, University of Edinburgh
  • CMU women into computing project
  • Kealey idea   Kealey himself
  • The 'Haldane Principle' and other invented traditions in science policy

    Network analysis

    A possibility is to start our project with a network analysis of PER publications.

  • Semantic Studios
  • Pajek

    lorenzo Lorenzo Vigentini

    Project People

    Olivia Johnson

    Vassar   Royal Observatory   Nottingham   Citizen Sci. Alliance  

    Sally Hancock

    IC Imperial College   IC science Communication Group  

    Judy Hardy

    Judy Staff page

    Ross Galloway

    Ross Staff page

    Simon Bates

    Simon   Google page   Vancouver 1   Vancouver 2   Edinburgh   Edinburgh 2

    Steve Draper


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