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A video of using voting equipment in class

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

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We have made a video "An example of using the PRS voting equipment" showing EVS use in one class, and have some free copies available. Filmed on 19 Feb 2004, it shows the 8 votes and 5 distinct questions used in one session of an introductory statistics course with 61 students, complete with short interviews with students and the lecturer. The point is to convey what it might feel like to use electronic voting within a university class, and so to supplement the other material on this web site.

PRS audience PRS screen PRS question
(Click on the pictures to see enlarged versions.)

There are full programme notes about, and to accompany, this video.

There is a 30 second trailer illustrating what is on the video which you can see on streaming video for PCs or Macs (click, and if your machine is set up for this, a test should start to play now on your screen); or alternatively download.
30 sec trailer
Download  Streaming
Picture size: Small Medium
Quicktime MPEG1 .mov (Macs) 650 kbytes 2.7 Mbytes   QT
Windows media AVI .wmv (PCs) 554 kbytes 6 Mbytes   wmv

The main video is 36 minutes long. They are both available in these formats:

(If you are interested, you can read brief notes on authoring these formats at Glasgow University.)


This format gives the best quality and resolution on screen. Most new desktop and laptops (i.e. purchased since about Jan. 2003), whether PC or Mac, if they have a CD drive at all it is likely to be a DVD-ROM drive, and they should be able to play this: consequently most academics should be able to find a machine to play this on for themselves, and will be able to play it in most talks/seminars by taking in a suitable laptop and using a data projector. Thirdly, the DVD format allows us to provide an index, to make it easy for you to jump about to the points you want within the video. The DVDs I have are in PAL (not NTSC for the USA) format (though it might be possible to make NTSC ones), but I believe that this will not matter if they are played on a computer (with DVD drive) as opposed to a domestic player.

Streaming video

If you watch the video, please email me comments: see these questions.

If your machine is set up right for the format you click on, it will just start to play after a short delay. Unfortunately if it is not set up right, you may not get any sensible error message, and it may even hang for several minutes as well as ending by doing nothing. If it doesn't work, sensible people will waste no more time on it, at least on that machine. However if you are determined to spend time reconfiguring your machine, I have a few hints and technical notes.

Streaming video
Time length 36.5 minutes 30 seconds
Picture size Medium Small Medium Small
Quicktime MPEG1 .mov (Macs) QT QT QT QT
Windows media AVI .wmv (PCs) wmv wmv wmv wmv

Download the files

If you watch the video, please email me comments: see these questions.

Download video files
Time length 36.5 minutes 30 seconds
Picture size Medium Small Medium Small
Quicktime MPEG1 .mov (Macs) (152 Mbytes) 35 Mbytes 2.7 Mbytes 650 kbytes
Windows media AVI .wmv (PCs) (402 Mbytes) (171 Mbytes) 6 Mbytes 0.5 Mbytes

Picture sizes: "Medium" is 640 X 480. "Small" is a quarter the area: 320 X 240.

A Mac is likely to be set up for playing Quicktime files, and a (fairly new) PC for playing Windows Media format. (But you can get both players free for both types of machine, and Real player will play both formats. See my hints and technical notes.)

For comparison, the DVD version takes about 2Gbytes.

CD disk

CD of video files. Both MPEG1 quicktime (.mov) and AVI (.wmv) Windows versions are on the same CD. It contains all four of the larger picture size versions in the download table above.

VHS video cassette

If you really need this.

Requesting copies

People who have been sent a copy are shown on my list of recipients.

We will post you a copy provided:

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