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How to get to Glasgow

University's advice on getting here.

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My advice (out of date)

By road

See Mark's page, but when you reach Glasgow go not to Strathclyde university, but to Glasgow university.


Be aware that there are now a huge range of prices particularly on the London-Glasgow route (about 10:1 from cheapest to most expensive "standard" fare), and that rail and air prices from London now overlap a lot. For instance, a regular train fare single is now considerably more than even the more expensive single fares on easyJet (even after adding airport tax and the rail connection Luton-London). However, booking special fares early gets some very cheap prices on both rail and air. The coach is even cheaper.

By coach

Phone 0990 808080 or click here for National Express coaches.
Rather you than me.

By the way, enquiries about buses anywhere in the UK is through "Travel link" on 08706 082608

By railway train

Get a train to either of the two big railway stations (Glasgow Central, Glasgow Queen Street). These are in the middle of town, about 2 miles from the University. Travel time from London in the 5 to 6.5 hour range.

Phone 08457 484950 or use one of the timetables now on the web: Railtrack's and the German one (also has all UK data, and in some ways a better interface). You can also buy railway tickets online

Don't forget to consider a sleeper.

By air

The basic idea is to fly to Glasgow airport (not Prestwick), which is a 15 minute (about £15) taxi ride from either the university or the city centre.

  • Prestwick airport also (here) is 32 miles from Glasgow. There is a fast train service that takes 45 mins to the centre of Glasgow. Flights to Stansted, Paris, Dublin, Boston, New York and others.

    There are in general no flights to Edinburgh you want to use to get to Glasgow.

    There is a timetable by BAA of ALL flights to/from Glasgow and this is important as airlines try to conceal better flights their competitors offer. It doesn't seem to be online, but it is free (try 0845 775 775 7).
    British Midland 0870 607 0555
    British Airways 0845 77 333 77
    easyJet 0870 600 0000
    Go 0870 607 654 3
    Cheap flights: probably more use for holidays
    (There are other airlines on the web: search for them yourself.)

    Staying the night (or not)

    First flights (from Heathrow) in the morning can get you here for a 9am meeting unless they are more delayed than usual. But it is not relaxing because of how early you have to get up to catch the flight, the way they are crowded with others (this is rush hour on this route), and the almost universal air traffic delays (same reason). The last flight leaves Glasgow at 9:40pm, so you can always manage that. Last London trains however leave at 6pm (8pm on Friday and Saturday), which may not suit you. Another option is to get a railway sleeper one or both ways: use the train as a hotel.

    There are very acceptable Bed and Breakfast places within yards of the university, or in the university itself: visitors speak well of both. (Prices from £38.) Phone 0141 334 5385 either to book the university places, or ask for a faxed list of local accommodation. Here is A big list of Glasgow hotels etc.. Here is one a few yards from the university, and spoken very well of by a visitor in July 2001: The Heritage hotel. Here is the Scottish Tourist board's list.