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This page is now out of date, the building much enlarged, and some room numbers changed.

People and rooms in the Psychology Hillhead site

This page is a guide to finding rooms and/or people at the Psychology department Hillhead site. It has two main parts: a diagram (or map) of the building with rooms shown as room numbers, and below it a table linking people's names and rooms.

If you have a room number: scan the diagram.

If you have a name:
Use your browser's (Edit menu) Find command,
Type in part of the name (any part of either name may work),
It should jump to the name in the table,
Read off the room number and the area (e.g. "middle centre-left"),
And scroll back up to the diagram near the top of this document.

To find what a room is used for, type in the room number to the Find command, and see if the table tells you.

To print a handy A4 version of the diagram, you can download Word files (RTF format) for printing:
Black and white (or this)

Note that the room numbers assigned us (by Estates and Buildings) are in many ways very unhelpful.

Diagram of rooms and normal access

Diagrammatic map

Table of people and rooms

This information may be out of date. Definitive data is held by Janet Hampson.

This table is not necessarily sorted: it is meant to be searched by using your browser's Find command.

To find a room, search for the name (or description); read off and remember the room number; use the area description to speed locating it on the diagram (e.g. "Middle floor, Left sector").

101a Basement Biello Lab
201 Ground centre Visitor's office
202a Ground left BEARD, Inez
205 Ground centre Isabelle
205 Ground centre IBRAHIM Mohammed
205 Ground centre McLURE John
207 Ground centre LALL Gurprit
207a Ground left CLAYES Emma
207a Ground left FLEMING Anne Marie
207a Ground left HOWARTH Barbara
207a Ground left JACKSON Matthew
207a Ground left KATSAVRAS Elizabeth
207a Ground left SMALLWOOD Lucy
213 Ground centre-left Lab alcohol BJ
215 Ground centre-left Lab 9/10
225 Ground centre-right BROWN Iain
225 Ground centre-right GILLIES John
225 Ground centre-right HINTON John
227 Ground centre-right Boiler room
231 Ground right Waiting room
232 Ground right Electronic resource room
233 Ground right BONNER Lesley
233 Ground right JENKINS Rob
234 Ground right HUDDY Vyvyan
234 Ground right MCNEILL Allan
234 Ground right RIEDEL Beate
239 Ground right BLACK Anna
239 Ground right TONNER Anne
241 Ground right ALLAN Jean
241 Ground right YOUNG Lynda
241, 239 Ground right Reception / secretaries
245 Ground centre ADAMS, Wendy
245 Ground centre BONNAR Lizann
245 Ground centre CHAMPION Rebecca
245 Ground centre PAUL Lisa
245 Ground centre WALLACE Julian
301 Ground centre-right McCALLUM Ian
301a Ground centre-left MCG lab
403 Middle left MAMASSIAN Pascal
404 Middle left ANDERSON, Anne
408 Middle left MULLIN Jim
413 Middle centre LAGES Martin
416 Middle centre SCHYNS Philippe (HOD)
417 Middle centre POLLICK Frank
418 Middle centre-left SIMMONS David
419 Middle centre-left PVC lab
420 Middle centre-left GOSSELIN Frederic
424 Middle centre BIELLO Stephany
426 Middle centre PVC lab
428 Middle centre PVC Lab
433 Middle right STURT Patrick
434 Middle right SERENO Sara
437 Middle right SCHWEINBERGER Stefan
438 Middle right LEUTHOLD Hartmut
439 Middle right BURTON Mike
442 Middle centre-right Schweinberger main lab
445 Middle centre-right GADON Lisa
445 Middle centre-right KAUFMANN Juergen
454 Middle right MORROW Lorna
454 Middle right PATERSON Helena
454 Middle right PICKERING Esther
455 Middle right FAY Nick
455 Middle right MAJID Asifa
455 Middle right WILSON Graeme
502 Top left BUSHNELL Ian
503 Top left DIMIGEN Gisela
506 Top left Teaching assistant
507 Top left Cavanagh Kate
509 Top centre-left Electronic resource room
509 Top centre-left LAFFERTY John
510 Top centre-left BECIRSPAHIC Marc
512 Top centre-left Visitor's office
519 Top centre HoD Office
520 Top centre HAMPSON Janet
523 Top centre JONES Barry
524 Top centre DRAPER Steve
525 Top centre DAFTERS Dick
530 Top centre MOXEY Linda
531 Top centre MCGILL Sheena (HOD sec)
534 Top centre-right Common (coffee) room
538 Top centre-right Visitor's office
546 Top right MARTIN Margaret
547 Top right DUFFY Frances
550 Top right GARROD Simon
552 Top centre Seminar Room
555 Top right MAYES Gillian
556 Top right KILBORN Kerry
557 Top right SANFORD Tony
558 Top right O'DONNELL Paddy

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